What’s my line?

Memorization is a demon that almost every actor I know struggles with to some degree.    Having time to prepare is the want of every performer and probably the aim of every production….but in reality, you can be hired very last minute (my record is being hired 4 hours before having to be on set acting).  Significant script and dialogue changes can arrive only moments before you shoot a scene.  Some actors are masters at handling this….waltzing through massive changes without breaking a sweat.  Erasing early versions from their minds in an instant and seeming to absorb multiple pages of new material.  I envy them.  I feel far less graceful.   I’m good at memorization – but not great.  I always make it happen…but its with effort and with a fear of failure nipping at my heels.   I’m always looking for ways to improve.  If you have tips…send them my way.

Wanted to share this article (The Actor’s Memory) with my actor friends…or anyone who might be interested….all about the actor-brain and the process of performing on set.

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