So I’m not a starlet…in fact, in many ways I’m the anti-starlet, but I am a working actress.  Most people know me through Star Wars projects (The Clone Wars, The Force Unleashed etc), or as Xena’s daughter from “Xena Warrior Princess” – though (luckily) that just scratches the surface of my past characters. Currently projects include Star Trek Renegades where I play Captain Lexxa Singh, I can be seen as a regular in the sitcom  “Club 5150” and the Emmy winning web-soap “Venice“, feature films “Burning Dog” and “RAZE” an action/horror film and I play multiple characters in “Suspense” a radio drama airing on stations worldwide. For further information and additional updates visit my site.

I find you have to have a great sense of humor to survive ‘the biz’.   It is crazy and challenging and makes you want to scream, cry, pull out your hair, throw up, hide under the covers, dance, celebrate and then scream and cry again.   It’s an emotional roller coaster and I’ve had fantastic highs, crushing lows….and been in many ridiculous situations that are usually good for a laugh.   So…this blog may have some bits and pieces of my regular life – but it will focus on what has been a pretty crazy Hollywood journey, and will also include articles and resources for actors that I have found enlightening or useful…hopefully you’ll enjoy.  For a bit more background on this blog, check out the first post.

My favorite posts:  Hepburn, Boobs, Breadcrumbs, Auditions Suck, Tattoo, Slow Boil, Crybaby, The Bakery, Dear Fear and Foreplay.

Need a pick me up?  Check out my interview series:  From The Mouths of Babes.

**For the last 10 years I have hosted an annual event (sometimes a memorabilia auction, sometimes a private fan dinner etc) in support of families that are dealing with overwhelming medical bills.    If you would like to donate, or to purchase photos in support of the cause please visit  http://www.adriennewilkinson.com/shop/autographs.html

5 thoughts on “About

  1. SO MUCH info for a “baby” actor!
    Thanks, Adrienne – really good advice. You ROCK!!
    I’m off to practice crying like I’ve just done 2 years on a great show… for FOX
    (we all know what happens…).

  2. You are incredibly talented! And a good storyteller too. I can’t wait to meet you at the Xena Con in Paris this October 🙂

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