Wait, what?

You never know the importance your work might have in someone’s life. That is obvious as  a doctor, a teacher, a scientist…  It is often harder to make that connection as an actor.   Yesterday I was reminded of the power of connection we have through the stories we tell,  when I stumbled across this unbelievable article:   Man’s Estate Left to Actors He Never Met

A man who died last summer willed his estate to two actors he never met, leaving them an estimated half a million dollars each.

Ray Fulk was 71 when he died last July. He lived alone on a 160-acre property in Lincoln, Ill. that he inherited from his father. He had no family or children.

“He was a loner, and a lot of neighbors didn’t know who he was,”Behle said.

What Fulk did have, though, was an admiration for actors Kevin Brophy and Peter Barton, whom he had never met. He admired them so much that he left his estate to be split between them.

Whoa.    Read the full article here.

3 thoughts on “Wait, what?

  1. I’ve been fascinated (in a complete non stalker way and I live in Puerto Rico so, who the hell I’m gonna stalk anyway?) by movies and actors. I often find myself completely identified with a character because resembles situations that I’m going through that particular moment. Also, I can feel just empathy for the particular theme or message of the movie or tv show. I don’t think a doctor or scientist are more important than actors and movies. Each has it’s own path and purpose in this life. He was alone, the only company was his tv, so I can understand why he did it.

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