The Bakery

There are two kinds of people in ‘the industry’.  The first category:  the people who are convinced they are starving because you are stealing their piece of the pie.  They are certain this is the only pie that exists, and that pie is obviously a finite resource.   They will hoard their pie and hide their pie.  They will hold tight to the recipe in fear that you could somehow duplicate their pie.  They won’t tell you where they buy sugar or who taught them how to get that perfect flakey crust.   They might event tamper with your oven or try to convince you that you are diabetic and simply not made to enjoy this delicious confection.   They will talk about how making a pie is impossible, and now that they have found the pie NO ONE will take it from them(!!).


On the other hand are the people who understand that we live in a bakery.


They know the secret.   You can always make more pie.

Image  Image Image Image Image

They function with generosity and inclusion and (surprise, surprise)…they are the most successful.  They understand we are surrounded by the best ingredients, state of the art equipment, the perfect oven and we are each bakers…or know bakers…and we can share baking tips and recipes and learn from each other…we could even create pies that no one has ever thought of before.   And not just pie….now we can make cakes and cookies, muffins and chocolate croissants!  It can be dessert-apalooza up in here.

Image  ImageImage

Happy Baking.

6 thoughts on “The Bakery

  1. Well that was insightful and well said. Unfortunately now I want Pie and there are no bakeries open yet…Thanks A Lot!

  2. I read this a few weeks ago, adored it and couldn’t agree with you more! I am in the middle of watching RAZE and had to stop watching to come here to say: WOW! Wonderful wonderful work all of you chicas!

    There is such a shortage of challenging and thought provoking material being produced (though I doubt being created)- and challenging in the sense that whereas so many people would characterize this movie (RAZE) as gnarly or gruesome or ass kicking and many other similar adjectives, which is it. And also saying that the challenge was not exploiting women or getting you all in to a place physically to pull it off, or undertaking a female action film, again also true. But what’s ALSO challenging, or what I saw as MOST challenging, was to look beyond the obvious(and perform beyond it, if that makes sense) and see women going against their own hearts, some may say nature, to protect the ones they love and in doing so, are taking away someone else’s loved ones. What an epically moving and emotionally demanding endeavor each one of you undertook. And that’s what I saw. And don’t get me wrong I am SUCH an action junkie…but as a fellow actor, I love when action is backed by something so human, so powerful and incredibly paramount to your very core that you have to go to such measures to hold on to it. And though I doubt I was the one of few that saw this, I know it might take some effort to see beyond the blood and gore, to the hearts and souls of the women.

    SO, Adrienne, I want to say- so amazing. Each one of you made clear and powerful choices. Each one of you brought such an honesty and realism to such action oriented material. WE saw women fighting each other for something they loved- not women simply bludgeoning each other…how can I be more clear. These were women who happened to also be fighters, not fighters who just HAPPENED to be women. I Know I sound as if I am some acting authority, I promise I am not. It’s hard to give specific, non-general compliments without sounding hoity-toity and I hope I succeeded in sounding sincere. And I am thoroughly thankful for what you all are doing for women in film, especially RAZE. And I hope we (men and women alike) can all start chatting with each other during casting calls, send each other notices and rejoice in each other’s triumphs and encourage one another not to give up no matter how long it’s been since your last job. Help with self taping, send monologues that seem right for each other- how much easier is this job with a support group that gets exactly what you’re up against?! Or even better, friends who can tell us when we can honestly give more to our art and not just get comfortable where we are.

    Keep on keeping on- hope more opportunities present themselves in 2014. That you have enough laughs to keep life joyful and plenty of wine nights with friends, and that career wise you have enough challenging roles to keep you on top of your game in this art! Even if we are the same type. hahahaha

    • Jen,
      Thank you so much for this extraordinary note. I will share it with the cast. I am so thrilled that you ‘got it’. That you looked deeper into the material and saw the layers we were going for. The action is intense and hopefully entertaining…but the subtext makes the story work…makes the characters come to multidimensional life. More than anything, just thank you for being so supportive. It is appreciated. Wishing you so much success in your career!

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